Business Ethics

Thome does not engage in bribery or corruption of any form. We comply with all laws and regulations that prohibit bribery and corruption and do everything in our capacity to ensure that our suppliers, contractors and business partners do the same.

This is because engaging in honest, fair and responsible business practices is aligned to our core value of integrity. We collaborate with those who share our vision to promote the safety and security of our seafarers, while preserving the commercial interest of our clients. Thome is a member of the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (“MACN”), a global initiative to eliminate all forms of maritime corruption.

We maintain a zero tolerance for corruption, bribery, child or forced labour and anti-competitive behavour. We do not allow the giving or receiving of gifts and entertainment with the intent of influencing anyone’s decision-making. Employees are also prohibited from engaging in activities with conflicts of interest or money laundering. At Thome, we take compliance with laws and regulations seriously and employees are obligated to report any illegal activity to their Line Manager. We have put in place monitoring mechanisms and appointed personnel such as our Ethics Committee to promote transparency and ethical behaviour.


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