Spills and Releases to The Environment

We reported only 1 spill and less than 0.01m3 of potentially dangerous oil spills in FY2021, compared to the 3 spills we recorded in FY2020, owing to our robust Environment Management System and protections we have in place for our maritime operations. The environmental compliance department’s expert team determined that the leak was not substantial, and the necessary corrective and preventive activities were implemented as a result. Despite our accomplishments this financial year, Thome has not met its initial target of no spills in FY2021 and will strive to do so in the following years.

As part of The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (“MARPOL”) reporting requirements, Thome maintains an Oil Record Book (“ORB”). Thome adopts a strict approach towards the management of the ORB, as failure to do so would result in violation of MARPOL’s strict rules. To prevent the underreporting of oil spills and ensure that all our seafarers are aware of how to make accurate entries in the ORB, we held online and classroom ORB trainings.