Responsible Consumption

Good waste management and good environmental regulation are critical pillars in preventing Thome operations waste from entering the world’s oceans. The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (“MARPOL”), an international convention that covers the prevention of marine environment pollution by ships from operational or accidental causes, applies to all companies operating in the shipping industry, including Thome.

At Thome, our motto of “Managing Waste to Save the Planet” means we ensure that all waste generated on board is collected and disposed of properly, in accordance with MARPOL’s regulations. These include all kinds of food waste, domestic waste, and operational waste. Where appropriate, recyclable waste will be collected and segregated before being recycled by a third-party service provider. Thome’s environmental policy ensures that our crew remain conscientious about garbage collection, segregation, storage, processing, and disposal in accordance with current regulations. Placards and garbage management plans are made available to the crew, and all waste disposal is documented in a garbage record book. Onboard vessels, we have tasked our Chief Engineers to ensure proper waste management.

As part of Thome’s efforts to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment, Thome has introduced the installation of seals on its environmental equipment. The seals are physical devices that help Thome track activities on its environmental equipment. If these seals are left open for more than 24 hours, fleet groups will receive daily alerts and notifications about such occurrences. The purpose of the seals is to help prevent the tampering and unauthorized operations of our environmental equipment.