Environmental Stewardship

Thome is dedicated to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment around us and adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards all cases of infringement of applicable environmental laws.

The shipping industry contributes to ocean waste and oil spills, both of which can harm the marine environment and delicate ecology. Thome is acutely aware of the potential impacts of our business operations on the marine environment and ecology around us. As such, we actively work towards reducing such environmental impact by implementing strong environmental governance and compliance.

Spills and Releases to the Environment

Owing to our robust Environment Management System and protections we have in place for our maritime operations, we reported only 1 spill and less than 0.01m3 of potentially dangerous oil spills in FY2021.

Responsible Consumption

Good waste management and good environmental regulation are critical pillars in preventing Thome operations waste from entering the world's oceans.