Learning and Development

Supporting Thome Group Vision & Mission, training is one of our key pillars to operating safe and efficient ships. Our quality training system based on continuous professional development is tailored to meet both regulatory and safety requirements, providing qualified and well-trained seafarers who are capable of meeting the most demanding crewing requirements and ensuring that ships under our management perform to the highest industry standards.

Continuously investing in training and career development of our staff, Thome has established a regional training concept in Manila, India, China and Europe to deliver specialized training to our seafarers exceeding the standards recommended by STCW and IMO. However, in the modern shipping industry, knowledge is not enough, it should be combined with a proper attitude to create a safe working environment. Therefore, Thome’s “Human Element, culture-building model” embodies a holistic approach to business excellence through people.

Training Center

Thome’s Training Center provides a broad selection of maritime training courses covering all aspects of the daily operation of ships – from safety, security, environmental issues, to risk management, audits and inspections, planned maintenance systems and various simulator and workshop-based training courses for deck and engine officers.

Facilities and Accreditations

Thome’s training facility is equipped with the latest maritime simulators and machinery so that our seafarers are able to practise operating the same equipment in a safe training environment that they will use onboard their vessels.

Thome Global Cadet Program

The primary objective of the Thome Global Cadet Program is to ensure that the Thome Group is self-sufficient in supplying competent officers to its growing fleet of managed vessels.

Other Services

Ship Management

Accredited to the highest industry standards, with a professionally-organized shore-based management team, we work closely with owners to achieve the common goal of quality operation.

Offshore Management

The Offshore Management team has extensive worldwide operating experience and offers versatile solutions in the management of Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs) which can be tailored to fit the needs and demands of its clients and operational area.

Oil & Gas

We provide turn-key project management and operation of oil and gas facilities worldwide. Our clients are predominantly offshore production asset owners, oil companies, and financial investors who are looking to enter the offshore sector and capitalize on production from medium-sized and marginal oil fields.

Marine Services

Marine Services covers related services from Marine Consultancy to Agency. It also encompasses all the associated support networks which can provide 24/7 assistance and advice to ship operators.


We offer a comprehensive crew management service which includes selection, recruitment, training, and continuous development and management of seafarers. We provide diversified crew to operate efficiently and effectively and believe that professional development is as equally important as personal growth.