Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Hygiene and Grooming

By TGN Editorial Team


We are still amid a global COVID-19 pandemic and following basic health routines such as maintaining a healthy body and clean surroundings, can help keep us protected.

Maintaining a proper hygiene is important not only in guarding our body against diseases but for personal presentation as well. Proper grooming which works hand in hand with hygiene gives a person self-esteem that helps a person have a better work performance and social skills.

Here are some tips on how to maintain a good hygiene and proper grooming:

1. Take a bath regularly
Daily cleansing of our body from head to toe using clean water, soap, and hair products can help remove the dirt, stains, and germs that stay on our skin. They say that it boosts confidence and self-esteem when you present yourself well. Before you hit the sack, a quick shower helps you get cleaned and relaxed to help you sleep better.

2. Oral Hygiene is Important
Smelly breath can tell two things: a person has a bad mouth maintenance or is suffering from a possible disease. Proper cleaning of the mouth involves brushing at least twice daily or as recommended by the dentist, gargling of mouthwash, flossing in between teeth, hydrating the lips, and cleaning of the tongue. Poor mouth maintenance causes halitosis, dehydration, tartar, and even serious diseases in the mouth, stomach, and the heart.

3. Dirty nails, smelly feet, unkept hair
Germs and bacteria can stay in your hands and nails for days which is why it’s very important to clean hands with soap and water frequently.

Smelly feet are usually caused by sweat and fungi, most commonly known as athlete’s foot. To avoid having it, it is important to clean our feet and footwear

Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner regularly to guard it from lice and dandruff that can stay in your hair for a long period of time if not treated properly. When we present ourselves to people, combing our hair and keeping it in place gives a good lasting impression.

4. Clean clothes and shoes
Appearance is important in grooming. When you present yourself in a clean and well-kept attire, it adds character and confidence.

5. Eat Healthy and Exercise
One of the most basic ways to keep our body at its prime is to eat a healthy and balanced diet and make exercising a part of your regular routine

They say that it takes 21 days to turn something you start into a habit. It’s never too late to be health conscious. Start practicing good hygiene today!


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