Thome Group Joins the Eyesea Initiatives

Thome Group, one of the world’s leading independent international ship managers, has joined the Eyesea initiative. In 2021, Eyesea publicly launched a pollution mapping app, designed for seafarers and coastal communities to record and report observational data on ocean impact pollution.

Peter Schellenberger, Thome’s Vice President of Supply Chain commented, “The shipping industry has some key unheralded strengths when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability: maritime tech, seafarers, ships, and our global reach.”

He added, “This is not a place for competition, and it has been fantastic to see the industry cooperate in the development of Eyesea’s early-stage stage concept.  We are excited about the potential of the idea and what the organization can do to support communities all over the world. Everyone in the industry knows this is a significant problem and we believe it is our collective responsibility to take action. We strongly believe Eyesea naturally complements Thome Group’s outcomes-focused Sustainability Strategy.”

Since the Eyesea App was launched in August 2021, over 120,000 images of ocean impact and terrestrial pollution have been recorded from over 60 countries and territories. Eyesea has also seen a global network of volunteers come forward to assist with clean-up, data collection, and tech support.

Eyesea Founder, Graeme Somerville-Ryan, said “I am really pleased and grateful to have Thome’s support. Acting as individuals or single companies we can only achieve so much, but as a community – on shore and at sea – we have access to good ideas and smart people.

“Eyesea is a volunteer-run organization, so the people involved are here because this is something they believe in. There is a problem, and we’re each going to play a part in solving it.”


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