Our Seafarers Got Talent: Siren of the Sea and Painter Onboard

Siren of the Sea and Painter Onboard

By TGN Editorial Team | September 15, 2022


We usually refer to them as seafarers or crew, but we rarely get the chance to get to know the people who take care of the big and small issues at sea. Thome’s men and women onboard are more than just seafarers. In this feature, we dig deeper to get to know our people better and the things that they love to do.


Siren of the Sea

What made you decide that you want to become a seafarer?

It was my love for the ocean. The opportunity to pursue my desire to be a seafarer started when Norwegian Shipowners Association accepted me as one of their cadets under Thome Ship Management.

Why are you interested in the maritime industry and Thome as a company?

The stigma surrounding the industry, to mention one, is that being a seafarer is just about de-rusting and painting ships. But seafaring is more than what people’s eyes can see. The maritime industry is the backbone of the world’s economy. Thome has given me so much opportunity to grow not only as a seafarer but also as a person while working in this company.

Being a female seafarer, what are the things that you do that you think empower your fellow female seafarers and aspiring female seafarers?

One thing that I do that I believe empowers others is as a female seafarer, I consider myself one with the other seafarers – I am no different than them. The stigma of female seafarers may still be present but me being in this line of work is now regarded as the norm. I chose this field because I am happy with the version of myself that I have become while being a seafarer. I always believe in choosing that one job that enables you to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Why do you love diving and singing?

Both hobbies enable me to express the contrast of what they give. Diving gives me peace. When I am underwater, I feel tranquil. I feel my body and I can look within me. Singing, on the other hand, gives me the chance to shout to the world what my deepest emotions are. It releases my stress.

Both hobbies show versions of myself: peaceful and stressful (since truly, I love rock music and grudge songs).

Siren of the Sea

How do you balance work and your passion for diving and singing?

I plan a lot. I have this list of what I want to do for the whole year, for the duration of my contract, and any vacation plans I have in mind. Planning is everything for me. Though planned activities may not always work out as I want to them to, at least I can see my progress. Little successes make up my big wins.

Legacy or any message for upcoming female seafarers?

Let us do our job well and be great assets to Thome and the industry. Entering this line of work as females does not equate to proving that we are better than anyone – because we are all equal – rather to prove that we chose to be here because we can.

What made you decide that you want to become a seafarer?

When I was young, I dreamt of becoming a seafarer. I said to myself, if I become a seafarer, I can travel the world for free. It was that strong desire in me that pushed me to pursue this path.


Painter onboard Why are you interested in the maritime industry and Thome as a company?

The maritime industry has a wide range of specializations. As for me, an engineer, how the ships move from one place to another piques my interest. Working for Thome serves as a great training ground for me and gives me the opportunity to hone my skills in engineering.

Who is your favorite artist and what inspired you to create art?

My favorite artist is Hernando R. Ocampo. His techniques were the inspiration on most of my artworks. Hernando R. Ocampo was a Filipino artist best known for his abstract paintings. He was awarded the title of National Artist of the Visual Arts in 1991.

How has your passion in your craft affected your life and career?

My passion taught me how to be patient and to work wholeheartedly to improve my craft. I apply these same traits onboard. To be able to conquer the seven seas, a ton of patience and a bag of motivation are needed.

How do you balance work and your passion for painting?

After a hard day’s work, doing my artwork serves as my stress reliever onboard. I express my emotions through my brush strokes and mixing pigments to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

What’s one life quote that inspires you a lot?

“You cannot turn art into life, but you can always turn your life into an art.”



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