Lockdown Discoveries

Lockdown Discoveries

By TGN Editorial 

The past two years have been very challenging for all of us, brought about by the devastating effects of COVID-19. We were faced with losses, struggles, and different types of challenges in our personal and professional lives. Most of us were on lockdown for a period, unable to do our usual business and not even allowed to return to the office.

But with every challenge, there is always an opportunity for discoveries! The lockdown restrictions provided us with another way to see the world, experience new things and discover new passions! Take a look at some of our Thome Colleagues’ great and exciting discoveries during the lockdown.

“The coronavirus outbreak has caused worry and uncertainty throughout the globe, but there’s no point driving ourselves
crazy while locked away at home.” – Alvin Estrada, Manager | Project Planning Services Thome Services Inc.

“During the COVID-19 partial-lockdown in Singapore, I’ve spent more time with my family and also put my kitchen’s forgotten in-built oven to good use.” Wendy Fam, Travel Manager Aegir Global Travel Pte Ltd

“Engaging in healthy outdoor activities helped me stay active as I enjoy the adventure that awaits me on the entire journey and gives me a different kind of satisfaction by trying something new.” Giesel Salon, Corporate Communications and Marketing Executive, Thome Services Inc.

“I really enjoy the intensity, speed, and the outdoors and it gives me the opportunity to think. My brain spins as fast as the wheels, and I come up with a lot of good ideas and find solutions to problems.” Claes Eek Thorstensen, Executive Vice Chairman, Thome Group

“My family discovered extended jogging around the Marina Bay Sands circle with us parents running and my son using his skateboard for 2 rounds (7k) at least twice a week, since most other kinds of sports were no longer possible.” Peter Schellenberger, Vice President Supply Chain, Thome Group 

“One good thing brought about by the Pandemic is I was able to go out of my comfort zone and try new things. I discovered biking and all its amazing benefits to my physical and mental health and my total well-being.” Marvin Lagamot, IT Sr. System Engineer, Thome Services Inc.

“I decided to pursue cycling as my hobby because it was important to improve my mental well-being and strengthen my immune system. Cycling can be done alone and in smaller groups thus the pandemic requirements were fulfilled.” Chandra Mohan, Principal Vessel Manager

“For someone like me who has always been fascinated with good styling and floral arrangement, knowing that I also have the skill to do it gives me joy and fulfillment, which we all needed to manage the stress and anxiety brought by the pandemic.” Jennifer Santos, Project Manager, Thome Services Inc.


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