Introduction to Data Protection Policy

By Jun Amomonpon, Compliance Manager, HSSEQ | January 23, 2023


Personal data is any information which by itself or in combination with other information, points to a person. It covers all kinds of information, from location data to online identifiers or social identities.

Thome Group, as a ship manager and crew manager, processes large volumes of personal data for its daily operations.

Thome and its employees are bound by data protection laws and regulations in the countries we operate. Violation of these laws poses a significant effect on the company but likewise on any involved employee(s).

It is for this reason that all employees must be fully familiar with ensuring that all our personal data processing activities are in compliance with these laws and regulations.

TGG 1.8 Data Protection Policy can be accessed through BASSnet. It sets out guidelines with respect to the processing of personal data and its impact on operational activities in

accordance with all relevant and applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Everyone is encouraged to read the policies and procedures contained in the document and ensure that all processes and practices are aligned with them.

We also encourage all to visit our “data protection” SharePoint and portal, which can be accessed through this link:

It contains more information and guidance about data privacy regulations from various locations where the company operates. It also contains links for reporting data breaches and logging requests for you to exercise your data privacy rights.

If you have any questions pertaining to data privacy rules and regulations, please email


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