Ensuring Compliance: The Thome Way

By Jamie Morgan Ramsamy, Head of HSSEQ | March 8, 2023

At Thome, we understand that compliance is not just about following rules and regulations; it’s about being a responsible and trustworthy partner to our customers, stakeholders, and the communities we operate in. This is why we take compliance very seriously and are committed to ensuring that all of our vessels are operated in compliance with the relevant regulations and laws.

One of the ways we do this is through our strong moral compass, embodied in our core values. These values guide us in everything we do and are reflected in our code of conduct, which covers all important elements such as anti-corruption & bribery, sanctions, supplier risk, and KYC.

We also understand that compliance is not just about having a good set of rules and regulations; it is also about the mindset and culture of the organisation. At Thome, we have a culture that emphasises the importance of compliance, integrity, and ethical behaviour. Our goal is to provide our customers with safe, efficient, and compliant ship management services, and we strive to achieve this by adhering to the highest standards.

Transparency is also a key aspect of our compliance efforts. We are committed to transparently reporting on our compliance efforts and our progress. Our compliance is documented in our sustainability report, which shows our commitment to the environment and society as a whole.

We take our responsibilities as a ship management company very seriously, and compliance is an integral part of our operations. At Thome, we’re fully committed to compliance and being responsible and trustworthy partners. We strive for zero pollution, zero accidents, and zero incidents, and we are dedicated to working with all the regulatory bodies to ensure we are in the best possible position to meet these goals.


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