Completion of 100 Remote Internal Audits

Completion of 100 Remote Internal Audit


Thome Group has completed 100 remote internal audits on its managed fleet!

The global COVID-19 crises have imposed restrictions on the operation of the fleet. Despite the adversities, the Group implemented strategic and efficient remote auditing of its technically managed vessels in April 2020. The adaptation to new methods is always challenging, but with the help of new technology backed with data and feedback, we managed to streamline the process efficiently.

Since we began remotely auditing our vessels in 2020, we have reached a significant milestone with the completion of the 100th remote internal audit on our Thome Croatia-managed tanker Thelma Victory in August 2021. This milestone is a testament to the hard work put in by multiple internal and external stakeholders to make this a success.

The remote audit process has been well-received by the ship staff and rated highly for effectiveness in achieving the desired results. The benefits of minimizing the risk to sea staff from COVID-19 and having more time to interact and participate in the audit process while the vessel is not engaged in other tasks are among the many reasons we believe that the process is here to stay. Thome’s remote audit process was also noted as an industry best practice in the last ISO 9001:2015 by the DNV.

The comparative external inspections and audits data also point out the process being as effective and, in some instances, even better than a physical audit. The averages of observations received in PSC and external audits on vessels that have undergone remote internal audits are comparatively better.

As we go along this journey, we assure our clients that we will continue to deliver on our promise of safety & operational excellence, driven as always by our core values ExCITES!


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