Art for Sustainability Competition

November 14, 2022


In support of the UN’s Sustainability Developmental Goals, Thome Group has launched the “Art for Sustainability” contest that is open to all Thome Office staff and Seafarers. The goal of this contest is to promote the release of the Thome Group Sustainability Report for 2021, increase awareness and make seafarers/staff excited to learn more about Thome’s Sustainability Goals and increase the engagement from both Office staff and seafarers.


Through this competition, we aim to engage everyone to become role models in promoting sustainable causes for people, the environment, and businesses. We encourage all active Thome employees and seafarers to participate in this year’s Art for Sustainability Contest.


The Art for Sustainability contest will run until December 10, 2022.



  • The competition is open to all active Thome Office Staff and all Thome Seafarers (onboard and on vacation)
  • There will be two categories for the competition. We will be dividing the competition based on the medium used. One is Traditional Art Medium and the other is Digital Art Medium


Traditional Art Medium

Traditional art is made using more physical conventional media such as pencils, charcoal, oil paints, clay, and such.  Techniques included those that were traditional to art, such as traditional painting and drawing methods.

Digital Art Medium

Digital art, once called computer art or new media art, refers to art made using software, computers, or other electronic devices. Anything produced or made on digital media, such as animations, photographs, illustrations, digital paintings, and such can be classified as digital art. For the contest, we will not include Video.

  • Pencil, ink, and chalk for drawing
  • Crayon, Pastel
  • Oil, tempera, and watercolor, acrylic for painting
  • Bronze, marble, and wood for sculpting


  • Computer-generated visuals or drawing
  • Digital paintings
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Vector Drawing or Dynamic Painting
  • Mixed media (integrated digital art)
    a combination of any other named digital techniques.
  • The entrant can join both categories and can have a maximum of 2 entries in each category
  • Artwork Requirements – Upon completing your art take a good and clear photo and send it to For the basic art category, we require the photo to be raw with no editing and manipulation.
  • See instructions on how to send the email. Together with the artwork photograph, please include the following:
    • Attach the photo of the artwork (Do not embed on a word or PPT).
    • Include the name/title of the Art.
    • In a word file, include a short caption or description of your artwork – the text must not be more than 250 words.
    • Include your Name, Rank, Vessel (For Seafarers), and Name, Position (For Office Staff)
    • Send to
    • For the seafarers, you can send to any of the following
      • Send to with the email subject: Thome Group’s Art for Sustainability. On the email, include the name of the participant, rank, and vessel.
      • Send via Viber to 09988810879.
    • You may also send your entry via private message at Thome Group Official Facebook Page.
    • In Photographing your artwork, the photo must be in JPEG Format with a minimum of 500KB but not more than 3MN in file size.
    • For Basic/Traditional art – Do not alter your artwork or enhance and include effects. It must be photographed in its original/raw format. However, minor adjustments, including sharpening, contrast, and slight color adjustment on the artwork are acceptable.
    • Must endure that all photos submitted are clear, not blurred, and with good lighting.


Other Reminders:

  • Do not post or upload your entries publicly (website, social media, Blogs, etc) while the contest is still running.
  • All photos and artwork submitted shall become properties of Thome Group.
  • By joining the contest, the entrant is considered to have granted Thome Group permission or license to use the photos, along with the names of the participants, for various publications, marketing collateral, and other purposes.


Criteria for Judging:

Clarity and Interpretation of Theme: 30%
Creativity and originality: 30%
Overall appeal and impact: 40%
Description of Artwork in relation to Theme: 10%
Total: 110%



For Traditional Art Category:
1st Prize – US$500
Two Special Consolation Prizes – US$250 each

For Digital Art Category:
1st Prize – US$500
Two Special Consolation Prizes – US$250 each


 Safety Statement:

  • Always take reasonable care to ensure that you do not endanger yourselves or anyone else during the art development.
  • Always remember Thome Group’s core values in creating Art. Also, make sure not to use materials and tools that are detrimental to the environment and pose a threat to safety.


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