A Message from our Group CEO

Olav Nortun

By Olav Nortun, Chief Executive Officer, Thome Group | March 8, 2023


Happy New Year!

As you are all aware, the New Year started with a bang as we announced on the 19th of January our intention to merge with OSM Maritime. The deal has yet to be approved by the competition authorities, so for the moment, we are still operating as separate entities, but we hope that around the end of the first quarter of 2023, we will be able to start the process of merging our two great companies together.

The merger means we will have an even more robust platform to deliver world-class ship management services. The economies of scale will make us an even more efficient partner with our suppliers, principals, and clients.

We will obviously keep our customers and employees regularly updated as to the progress of the merger.

In terms of this issue, we are focusing on the theme of compliance in all its various forms, be it Port State Control, environmental, procurement, or cyber security.

Ensuring that we are fully compliant is of the highest importance to avoid fines, detentions, and off-hires. Our clients trust us to be competent and fully aware of our responsibilities in running their assets, so we need to be ever vigilant and avoid becoming lax or complacent as our reputation means everything in our business relationships.

So, I hope you read and acknowledge your responsibilities with regard to the subjects discussed in this issue if we are all vigilant and knowledgeable about the compliance issues that affect our roles, we are less likely to fall foul of any regulatory or legislative issues which
could negatively impact our business.

2023 will be an exciting and challenging year for all of us, and I believe that we have the right people in place to meet and exceed these challenges to ensure our continued success.


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