Thome Group launches new Navigation Bridge Simulator

Brige Opening Min


The Thome Group recognises the importance of its seafarers keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology onboard today’s modern vessels which is why it has recently invested in the installation of a new Full Mission Navigation Bridge Simulator with a 320⁰ view.

The new system was formally opened, following all relevant COVID-19 protocols, on 20th January 2021 at the TSM Building, Makati City, in the Philippines.

Present at the event were Per Selmer Olsen, VP for Thome Ship Management, ROHQ, Ian R. Garcia, CEO of the TSM Group and Elmer Pulumbarit from the International Maritime Training Fund (IMTF) together with other participants joining online.

Using Kongsberg Digital’s latest K-Sim navigation simulator, trainees will be able to use equipment that looks, feels and has the same functions as real onboard equipment, while operating in a safe training room environment.

The sophisticated new visual system brings to life geographic locations, different weather conditions and other nearby vessels so trainees can have better seascape and interact with multiple scenarios.

This is the second navigation simulator which the Thome Group has setup at its state-of-the-art training centre in Manila. The new system will be used for conducting various levels of navigational trainings including bridge team management, ship handling, ship to ship maneuvers, deck simulator assessments, ice navigation, to name but a few. All of the training can be customized to specific client requirements to enable bespoke courses on specific ship types, geographical regions, operation type etc., which provides a valuable training experience for the crew.

“Making sure our crew is fully trained on the latest equipment before they go onboard is a necessity, which is why we have invested in the most up to date technology from Kongsberg,” said Olav Nortun, CEO, Thome Group.

“The new bridge system can be integrated with the K-Sim engine simulator which enables a comprehensive range of training scenarios that will help support inter-departmental operations.  The system also has a playback facility which allows full de-briefing sessions with the trainees,” he continued.

This latest system has the capability to remotely view live classes from anywhere in the world, allowing clients to observe their crews in training.

“This new simulator will teach our teams how to use onboard equipment in a controlled environment. People tend to retain much more knowledge when having to perform an actual task than just passively listening to someone talking and so these incredibly realistic simulators are the ideal way to ‘learn by doing’.  In a time where travel is limited having the ability to view these simulators in real time from other locations is an added bonus,” added Claes Eek Thorstensen, Executive Vice Chairman, Thome Group.



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