Thome Seafarers Virtual Conference 2020 Manila

By Andrea Lyn Ponce , Senior L&D Executive


The virtual space is important during these times of pandemic.

The virtual socializing, mentoring, as well as listening to talks and conferences is key. This is done with the help of e-Learning platforms and is becoming the new way, the new normal to
interact with others which is more convenient and economical.

Thome, despite these challenges, is adopting an innovative way to provide an engaging video conference and quality training session for our seafarers. Working with this new technology, we launched the first Thome Virtual Conference with the theme “Empowering for a Safer Future”, on the 23rd – 24th of September. This year’s theme aims to help our seafarers increase their self confidence and enabling to take initiative and act onboard.

Providing enough support and guidance, Thome puts its trust in its seafarers to create a safe and resilient workspace for a safer operation.

The program was opened by our Group CEO, Olav Nortun and Chief Human Resources Officer, Simon Frank as they talked about the current situation and company initiatives for our seafarers during these pandemics.

Participants with more than 40 officers from Philippines and Indonesia engaged in extensive Q&A sessions with the speakers via chat. Topics discussed were, “Human Element: A Mental Health Perspective”, “Environmental Compliance – The Way Forward”, and “Safe Operations at Thome”.

Although this is a different way to re-connect, it was a great way to encourage our seafarers that Thome is with them and “we can do this together”.

Neil LaBute mentioned, “The future is now. It’s time to grow up and be strong. Tomorrow may well be too late.”


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