Thome Group Annual Safety Day

By Madelyn Tan, Assistant HSSEQ Manager, QA Department

Safety Day Collage

The Thome Group’s Annual Safety Day was held in the Singapore, Philippines, Croatia and India offices between 27th – 28th August 2019.

The annual Safety Day is an integral part of the Thome Group’s company culture that reinforces the CORE values “EXCITES” and increases the employees’ awareness of safety issues at their places of work. Employees are empowered to be proactive in making safety a workplace priority.

The partnership between vessels and office, seeks common safety goals by working cooperatively to identify and eliminate worksite hazards and achieve high safety by developing appropriate plans and sharing resources to improve everyone’s health and safety. It is important to identify safety risks and to ensure that all seafarers and office staff understand every aspect of their job and possible risks.

The event which was celebrated across all offices and started off with an opening speech followed by a safety day presentation and a video message from Thome employees on what “Safety as a Priority” means to them.

The AM opening speech from the Singapore office was delivered by the Group CEO, Mr. Olav Nortun while the PM opening speech was made by CTO, Mr. Sean Hutchings.

Similar to last year, the event ended with an online safety quiz. The quiz reviews the audience awareness during the presentation and built a spirit of competitive camaraderie amongst the participants.

Vessels also took part in the activities planned for them. There were two activities – 1) “Paint me safety” where the crew has to come up with a poster which represents the slogan “Safety as a Priority”. 2) “Catch me if you can!” where crew has to identify a list of hazards onboard, take pictures and revert. Tankers were advised to comply with TGP “Use of non-intrinsically safe camera” on tankers.

The event was well coordinated by the Quality Assurance department and the Marine & Safety department.




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