Thome Group Receives Letter of Commendation at MPA Singapore Awards

Thome receives letter of commendation - MPA


The Thome Group is delighted to announce that it has been presented with a letter of commendation for outstanding corporate contribution to safety at sea during the MPA Singapore virtual awards ceremony on 1st December.

Thome’s entry outlined its commitment to safety which is spearheaded by all senior managers within the Group.

The company develops safety driven annual objectives and targets which include KPIs and strategic actions to help reduce injuries and incidents.  Detailed analysis of incident and near miss report data is carried out in collaboration with expert organizations and academic institutions to identify ‘High Impact, Low frequency events’  (Hi-Lo) . This helps Thome to instigate risk mitigation measures to limit reoccurrence.

Thome also actively encourages employee feedback when developing policies and procedures regarding safety which has helped it develop a  4 year roadmap to achieve continual improvement in safety performance.

Thome’s CEO, Olav Nortun commented “This year has been a particularly testing time with regards to safety especially for our seafarers who have not only had to carry out their normal day to day tasks on board with safety in mind but have had the added disruption of the coronavirus pandemic to cope with. Ensuring our crews had essential PPE and other safety measures in place to lessen the impact of the virus was our top priority and I am proud of the way that they have coped with this added burden. This award is testament to their tenacity and adherence to all the extra measures we put in place to help keep them safe.”

Claes Eek Thorstensen, Thome Group’s President and COO, added:  “I am so pleased that the MPA has recognised our achievements in developing a cohesive and inclusive safety culture with the Thome Group. Making sure we reduce incidents and accidents both at sea and ashore is of paramount importance and we strive to ensure that we take all necessary precautions to keep our staff safe.”


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